Blanca Dominguez

blancaOn how I became a healer… I am a spiritual being.  My life’s quest is like a journey being directed, a journey full of questions and insecurities, full of assertiveness and achievements.  It is more than a single moment in life.  It encompasses places, encounters with people, and situations that have served to shape me as a Healer.

Even in my youth I recall dreams of healing and being healed.

Discovering Pranic Healing

I heard a recollection from a  Pranic Healer of how she performed healings during a complicated operation on a dear friend and after the operation all the doctors  commented on how “easy the surgery” was.  I wanted to be able to do that. Help other, heal and be healed

Through a conversation with friends,  someone  recommended the book, Miracles Through Pranic Healing, by Master Choa Kok Sui.  I was captivated by its simplicity.  I loved the step-by-step protocols and the disclaimer asking the reader not to believe anything, but to experiment and experience the healing process.  My experimenting took me to work on family and friends and to my surprise, after the healings, they experienced a feeling of relief, balanced and well being.

It was by a miracle that I had to be operated on, and the chance to practice on my own allowed me to “feel” my energy body, and sense the depletion in the affected chakra.  It was like seeing for a blind person.

I made a commitment to get my training and become a healer. I had to go all the way to Philadelphia and New York to get my Pranic Healing Basic and Pranic Healing Advanced courses.  After that, I traveled to Colombia for Pranic Psychotherapy and Pranic Arhatic Yoga, and to Mexico for Pranic Crystal Healing.

And that is how I became a Healer.

I have been the facilitator of the South Pranic Healing clinic since 2009, and have conducted healings and meditation sessions in Mexico, and Colombia, most recently in the Amazon region.

As a Pranic Healer I am happy to be of service to the community through my private practice, by participating in the Community Healing Project at the Amala Foundation.

Please contact me if you are searching for Healing emotionally, physically, in your relationships, your spaces or your projects.


Blanca Dominguez
Arhatic Yogi
Advanced Pranic Healer
Pranic Psychotherapy
Crystal Therapy
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