Dani Staite

Dani-StaiteAustin’s Pranic Healing is a wonderful group of facilitators and healers who are assisting the community and growing their healing skills. Pranic healing is an easy way to heal yourself and the ones you love. The step by step protocols make it possible that anyone may energetically change the bodies health. The healing practices will start some people on a spiritual path. This is covered in detail with the Pranic healing path. I love how the advanced spiritual practices coexist with the martial arts thinking of energy. Like the coveted Golden body this is a technique in generating Chi throughout body this practice is done by Yogis, Arhats, Martial artist, Taoist. These techniques are practiced by very advanced and evolved spiritual practitioners. This type of deeper involvement leads to greater spiritual body like the adamant or diamond body. The teachings are made simple but are layered to cause deeper thought and illumination.

Daniel Staite
Austin Lead Facilitator
Specializing in Psychotherapy
Advanced Pranic Healing
Psychic Self Defense
Arhatic Yogi 2nd Degree
Martial Arts Black Belt
Shamanic Arts