Dr. Alexia Rodriguez

AlexiaHello My name is Dr. Alexia Rodriguez. I first heard about pranic healing from a friend that encouraged me to get a clearing done since I’m a chiropractor and utilize my hands to heal on a daily basis.  I understood the transfer of energy and being an empathy I could feel others energy whether they verbalized it or not.  So, I decided to call and got an appointment right away.  That is always a good sign.  The experience was nothing that I have ever felt before. It helped me to connect with myself on another level.  I left feeling lighter, had more clarity with an overall different awareness, and a lot happier.  After leaving I knew that I would learn pranic healing some day.  I began taking classes in 2009 and had a large appetite for more.  Several certifications and seminars later I now have not only included pranic healing into my personal life but also share it in my clinic with patients.  Master Stephen Co is an excellent teacher and leader.  I’m blessed to be apart of Grand Master Choa’s teaching and Austin Pranic Healing. This wonderful group has allowed me to share and meet people who on a path of awareness, enlightenment, service and bliss.

I’m a South Central Austin Chiropractor born and raised in Houston, Texas.  My passion to make a difference in the lives of my mother and family through my knowledge of chiropractic care gave me the vision of opening a family chiropractic clinic. I relocated to Austin, Texas in 2006, where I managed and operated an existing sports medicine clinic as the Lead Clinic Doctor.  After two years there, I opened my first practice, Harmony Health & Wellness in South Central Austin.  Three and a half years later, I opened my own practice, FortView Chiropractic Clinic in 2011.

The clinic allows me the opportunity to facilitate Pranic Healing Probono’s the 2nd Saturday of every month.  Healing clinics are a great opportunity to bring together a blend of exercises, meditation, and non-touch energy healing to bring about balance, harmony to the overall body’s Qi. Stop by any one of the healing clinics in Austin and surrounding areas.  All are welcomed 🙂