Shawnna Donop

Shawnna TrailAmazed by the innate healing abilities of the beautifully complex human body, I really enjoyed learning about the ways in which Pranic Healing can facilitate the return to natural balance, optimum health, and overall well-being. This gift is available to every person in the world, and I am pleased have the opportunity, since 2013, to facilitate these transformational healings. I am continually in awe at the amazing responses that we witness as healers as our recipients re-discover the comfort and joy of being pain-free, emotionally-balanced, optimistic, and ultimately happy with an unquenchable love for life.
Come see me at one of the pro-bono healing clinics, book a session or series of sessions with me, or you might also run into me at one of the other volunteer healing activities I engage in within the Austin area. I look forward to meeting you and facilitating your return to mind, body, and soul perfection.
~ Namaste

Shawnna Donop
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