Susan Christensen

SusanMy first experience with Pranic Healing was something I will never forget–I walked into the session one person, and walked out another. Unfamiliar with all of it, I did not understand the experience until I called her, weeks later, and asked, “What was that!?!?” From that point on, I have been on an amazing journey that, for me, is priceless. It has not only changed my own life, but the lives of countless others. The fact that what I have learned blesses my family, friends and clients is a source of deep joy and satisfaction.

Pranic Healing addresses all areas of body, mind and spirit; and whether it be a migraine or dealing with trauma, there are methodologies on how to heal the physical or emotional wound. I am a Pranic Healer because it allows me the opportunity to help myself and others live happier, healthier lives.

It has been a genuinely fascinating, joyous journey to watch the healing ability unfold as well as see my clients’ lives change before my very eyes. With a session: My friend was hospitalized in a near comatose state returned to full consciousness; my daughter-in-law was on the way to the emergency room only to turn around as the pain was gone. The emotional and mental healing results are equally life-altering. Helping others to find peace, forgiveness, and to release the past is extraordinarily rewarding.

With results which are verifiable and truly compelling, I simply am unable to NOT be a healer. I am a healer. I was born to be a healer. I am grateful every day and rejoice in this knowledge.

Susan Christensen
Advanced Pranic Healer
Pranic Psychotherapy
Arhatic Yogi 1st Degree
Specializing in Emotional Well-Being
and Releasing the Past
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