Pedro Guerra

Arhatic Group Facilitator.

pedroHello my name is Pedro Guerra, and am a nurse, student, pranic healer and much more.  My interest in energy healing began when in high school I took a course on the Silva Method.  From there I learned about qigong, and lastly pranic healing in 2008.  What took my healing practice to the next level was arhatic yoga which I took in 2010.  I enjoy pranic healing due to the versatility of the practice, and its applicability to many facets of one’s daily life.  I have studied under Master Stephen Co, Master Glenn Mendoza and Master Marilag Mendoza and will continue to push myself to learn more in pranic healing, as well as in my nursing career.

I currently work with Seton Hospital as a night-shift nurse in acute care.  I have been an RN for 10 years.  Texas is not very open to the use of energetic healing in the hospitals, but I do hope that that changes soon.

I coordinate the arhatic group in Austin, and also assist the other healer’s clinic as I can.

Pedro Guerra, RN
Advanced Pranic Healer
Arhatic Yogi
Qi-Gong Instructor

Arhatic Group

Purpose of this group is to coordinate arhatic yogis here in Austin and surrounding areas to meditate, serve, and help each other as a cohesive group.  It is my wish to see us help each other out, provide places for meditation as a group, and work on the 5 pillars of Arhatic Yoga as a whole.