Lauren Meyer

My true passion in Pranic Healing was ignited after returning to Austin from world travel and two years living in the Hunan province of China. I started meditation over ten years ago in the Kadampa Buddhist tradition of my family, under the wing of my ordained cousin Kelsang Chokyan. Thanks cuz. When I discovered meditation with Pranic Healing, I was quite awe-stricken by the depth and power of the teachings, the wholistic unification of many spiritual truths from all over the world, and the great compassion and wisdom of the teacher, Master Choa. Of all my travel and searching, Pranic Healing has been the most moving and life altering path. I decided to take all of the classes after learning Level 1 Pranic Healing, and I am still learning to this day because the realizations are so profound. This healing modality is divinely a great work of art. The practice has lead me into a much greater version of myself than I could have ever imagined. Forgiveness, peace, inner stillness, and joy cannot be measured. I am deeply grateful to the teachers and the wonderful community of Pranic Healers in the central Texas area which keep this art alive and support their members like a spiritual family.
I am glad to say that I am the facilitator of the North Austin Pranic Healing clinic at Endeavor Rehab Center. May all who wish to experience or learn Pranic Healing feel welcome to come join our group meditations. Thank you. 🙂

Endeavor Facilitator
Advanced Pranic Healing
Pranic Psychotherapy
Arhatic Yogi