Pro-Bono Facilitators

Dani Staite

Austin’s Pranic Healing is a wonderful group of facilitators and healers who are assisting the community and growing their healing skills. Pranic healing is an easy way to heal yourself and the ones you love. The step by step protocols make it possible that anyone may energetically change the bodies...Read More »

Dr. Alexia Rodriguez

Hello My name is Dr. Alexia Rodriguez. I first heard about pranic healing from a friend that encouraged me to get a clearing done since I’m a chiropractor and utilize my hands to heal on a daily basis.  I understood the transfer of energy and being an empathy I could...Read More »

Allison Hornung

Hi! My name is Allison and I have been learning and practicing Pranic Healing since 2009. I enjoy working with clients who are open to energy work and are motivated to embrace wellness.

I was originally drawn to Pranic Healing because it was a healing modality that I could do by...Read More »

Susan Christensen

My first experience with Pranic Healing was something I will never forget–I walked into the session one person, and walked out another. Unfamiliar with all of it, I did not understand the experience until I called her, weeks later, and asked, “What was that!?!?” From that point on, I have...Read More »

Shawnna Donop

Amazed by the innate healing abilities of the beautifully complex human body, I really enjoyed learning about the ways in which Pranic Healing can facilitate the return to natural balance, optimum health, and overall well-being. This gift is available to every person in the world, and I am pleased have...Read More »

Blanca Dominguez

On how I became a healer… I am a spiritual being.  My life’s quest is like a journey being directed, a journey full of questions and insecurities, full of assertiveness and achievements.  It is more than a single moment in life.  It encompasses places, encounters with people, and situations that have...Read More »

Brunie Kosta

Pranic Healing has brought so many blessings into my life. If you need blessings into your life, I invite you to visit any of the Pranic Healing clinics in your area.  I am thankful for the local leadership who’ve made this platform available, the clinic facilitators and all of the...Read More »

Maria Wilson

Maria Wilson has been a student of MCKS Pranic Healing since 2003.  She began her studies in South America and continued her training in the U.S. where she became a Certified Pranic Healing Instructor in 2007 and a Certified Associate Pranic Healer.
She currently facilitates Pranic Healing Clinics in San...Read More »

Sara Stathatos

Hi my name is Sara Stathatos and I have been in Pranic Healing for over 4 years. I am the Houston facilitator organizing meditations, free healing clinics, and classes in the local area. I started Pranic healing to find a solution for a health issue I was dealing with. When...Read More »

Pedro Guerra

Arhatic Group Facilitator.

Hello my name is Pedro Guerra, and am a nurse, student, pranic healer and much more.  My interest in energy healing began when in high school I took a course on the Silva Method.  From there I learned about qigong, and lastly pranic healing in 2008.  What took...Read More »