agathe“The Austin Pranic Healing meet-up has given me life. No joke. I showed up wanting to die. I had experienced severe trauma and was holding on by a thread. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I found joy in nothing and was turning to substances for relief. I was a walking zombie, completely numb aside from episodes of extreme anger and crying fits. I was very disciplined about going to therapy and acupuncture, and that was helping, but it wasn’t enough. My therapist recommended I try Pranic Healing and for that I will be forever grateful.

After just one meet up I felt a difference. I felt energy starting to shift in my body and began releasing things that no longer served me. I slept like a baby that night. Six sessions later, I am a different person. I have made big life changes that I had known needed to happen for months, if not years, but couldn’t bring myself to face prior to the discovery of Pranic Healing. And I am on the verge of many more positive endeavors. I am able to meditate again and see the silver lining in what has been a rough passage of time. I have a more profound understanding of myself and my needs and a renewed sense of purpose and self worth. Pranic Healing has been so beneficial for me that I have recommended it to multiple friends and have brought both of my parents to the meet ups. All who have joined me feel the same way, it is a amazing and the relief is instantaneous. The more you go, the better you feel.”


dzi“I moved to Austin four months ago to do some soul searching, healing, and growth. I came across Austin Pranic Healing and I have been going every week to their clinic since. In the beginning the healers helped clear a lot of blockages I had unknowingly built throughout my lifetime. There have been lots and lots of tears shed on my part as they helped me release things I didn’t realize I was holding onto. As weeks progressed I noticed I was becoming much happier as I continued to learn, grow, heal, and focus on loving myself. I continue to go to get my regular “tune up” and enjoy making new like-minded friends. I’ve even seen a noticeable difference in others that have come on a regular basis. All the healers are such kind amazing souls who give their time to make the world a better place. With tons of love and gratitude I am happy to say that I’ll be joining the healers to volunteer my time to give back for what they’ve done for me.”


amanda“My first  healing was done by Master Co on stage during  a introduction in Austin. I had really bad back pain. I started crying because I felt so much relief after that quick session. Later, I went to my first clinic at Unity church of the hills. Dani worked on me for a different issue and again I was impressed by the results.

I had a private paid session since those sessions. Every sessions the results were dramatic. Now, I am in more control of my life and the happenstances that occurs around my personal circle.  I would recommend this to any friend. Try a pro bono session to experience the healing. Book a full session to free your thoughts and change your life.”


michelle“My life is forever changed because of Pranic Healing. It all started about 3 years ago when a healer gave me a pro-bono session and I noticed a remarkable difference. For this session she focused on anger and I couldn’t believe the results. In one session I went from being very reactive to virtually free of anger. I have had many sessions from a handful of healers and it’s the answer I searched for to help me overcome my problems with ease.

After a year I started taking classes to help heal. After 2 years I started taking the upper level classes; Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul being the first. I was in awe of the profound experience and deep peace achieved through the mediation… I could go on and on. My stuff was mostly emotional and I am a completely different person now. Within a very short period of time my life changed remarkably! I am incredibly happy I found Pranic Healing.”


“My 1st session was a pro-Bono healing session. It completely intrigued me and I wanted to know more. I went to the South Austin clinic and had Blanca work on me in the pro-Bono healing session. That session really opened my heart and allowed me to free some deep emotions. I remembered that I cried in the second session, that was an exciting moment. My healing sessions from the Pranic healers convinced me I wanted to know and experience more. The next session was Susan as my healer, In this session,  it was the compassion and love in a deep healing that convinced me that I wanted to become a healer.

During the next couple of months I found a place where I was stuck and did not know where to go. I accepted a healing from Dani. The things that were stagnate were cleared, my heart opened and my mind shifted. In the week following, I saw opportunity where there was none. My life adjusted and I started the journey that I am on today. Thanks to my new healing family!”


“On my first encounter with Pranic Healing, my pain level was at a 7 of 10 from a 41-year-old whiplash injury.  I was pleasantly surprised to feel pain relief and was at a 0 pain level.  God works in mysterious ways.”